We have made it our mission to source a very specific, high-density marble that solves all the issues that occur with other stone. We combine hands-on manufacturing and quality control with new technology to offer a meticulously crafted product. Our attention to detail creates a consistent color pallet to make Paramount Stoneworks the leader in the natural stone industry. 

Benjamin Rossett

In the industry for over 20 years, Ben experienced the lack of quality present in pavers first-hand. He decided to pack his bags, travel the world, and find the material people deserve. Paramount Stoneworks was established years later once Ben knew he had something unique. 

Erica Hegley

With experience in customer sales and service, Erica's objective is to guarantee a product with qualities that are unmatched in the market. After listening to clients' concerns with other materials, she is happy to provide a solution they can count on.

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